Ian Hughes - Scottish artist

Unearth tongues set free


The buried journals of Ian Hughes: Lublin and Majdanka, Poland 2008 – 2009

Spiral bound hard-back journals, ink, pencil, string, resin and coffee grounds


Ian Hughes 2006 – 2010. If only I knew where your last glance fell. Nelly Sachs

Acrylic, varnish, gold leaf, cardboard, lamb’s blood, piss, faeces, and enlarged prepared photographs and canvas on board, 559mmm x 457mm


Ian Hughes 2005 – 2008. O you fingers, who emptied the sand from people’s shoes: Tomorrow your own dust will be in the shoes of those who come after you. Nelly Sachs

Acrylic, varnish, dust, arterial blood, gold leaf, piss, enlarged prepared photographs on canvas and board, 600mm x 600mm


No 31 Oderint, dum metuant

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