Ian Hughes - Scottish artist

Ian Hughes (1958 - 2014) was a well known Scottish painter who specialised in portraits.

"Throughout his career Ian Hughes has bravely tackled the difficult issue of mental instability in a most impressive way both in his pictures and as a psychiatric nurse, never deviating from his cause; never painting for the market place; never sensationalising his subject."
— Clare Henry, Glasgow Herald

Photo of Ian Hughes
Feb 1, 2005

The Lightfoot Messiah

And when at last the glorious days arrived I unobtrusively went on my way – Hugo Ball Ian Hughes and I first worked together in 2002, just before the Afghan...

Jan 1, 2000

Times Literary Supplement Calendar

The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) was established in 1902 and describes itself: For over a century, the TLS has been the world’s leading international literary journal. Two of Ian’s paintings...

Feb 1, 1994

Corr Contemporary Art, London

Selected Portraits Selected paintings from an exhibition at Corr Contemporary Art, London in 1994. Martin Luther King, Mixed media on canvas (81cm x 71cm), 1994 Hans Bellmer, Mixed media on...

Jan 1, 1994

The Drowned and the Saved

RAAB Gallery, London and Berlin Selected paintings from this exhibition The Raab Galerie, Berlin Oil and sand on canvas (41cm x 31cm), 1994 Oil and sand on canvas (41cm x...

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